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Welcome to Nutrition Aligned

The Practical Dietitians


Personalized Transformation

REAL science, never fad diets. One-on-one nutrition counseling to create realistic changes to improve your health, athletic performance, and/or body image.


One-on-One Nutrition Consultations

We meet you where you’re at on your journey to create a personalized plan to improve overall health or break free from disordered eating patterns.

Group Nutrition Education Events

Host a completely customizable group event for you and your friends/family/workout buddies/co-workers/etc! Typical events start off with a group presentation on a topic of your choice, we can bring our Inbody 570 (or not – it’s YOUR event), and then we invite each member to talk with us for a brief (~5-10 minute) one-on-one goal setting discussion. Working together toward your goals is ALWAYS better

Grocery Shopping with a Dietitian

The grocery store is one of the biggest barriers to achieving your goals – learn how to navigate the grocery store to change your old habits in a personalized shopping trip with a dietitian.

We are currently in-network with the following insurance companies:

We also offer cash-pay discounts to other insurance payers.

We can accept HSA and FSA as well as provide a superbill for possible insurance reimbursement.

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"I believe God definitely Sent me to aligned nutrition. Leanne and Sarah they are two of the sweetest women I’ve Met. They are highly educated and will provide all tools needed to help your health go in the right direction. They have created a comfortable space to open up.
My life and health is really beginning to turn around. I am very happy God put them in my path

So excited for my journey!" - Cinnamon O

"Nutrition Aligned has helped my daughter's health tremendously. Since working with Sarah she has been able to push past so many struggles, feel safe to open up, and created a healthy relationship with food. Entrusting her with my daughter has definitely been one of the best decisions I could of made."

Guadalupe G.

- I've always considered myself to be a fairly healthy eater but after meeting with Sarah I realized I needed to make some changes. Sarah helped me make realistic changes to my eating habits based on foods that I enjoy eating. The changes that she suggested were not drastic and they were sustainable. It's been 6 months since I first met with Sarah and I have been able to maintain a balanced healthy diet based on her advice and suggestions. I HIGHLY recommend!–

Antonio V.

- Leanne is absolutely wonderful! I have a congenital heart defect with liver fibrosis, so I thought working with a dietician would be a little complicated due to my restrictions. She has gone above and beyond to help me. Highly recommend!!–

Cody S.

- Phenomenal service, and very, very, very informative! They actually help you individually instead of a universal plan. Definitely recommend! –

Jacob H.

- It’s been absolutely wonderful working with Leanne! She has helped me recognize things I need to work on and stay accountable. She has been so encouraging throughout my experience working with her as well. I highly recommend Leanne! –

Katie B.

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