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Advanced BIA technology

InBody Scan

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The LEAST important number to focus on is WEIGHT (followed closely by BMI).

At Nutrition Aligned we go BEYOND the scale. Let us introduce Hubie, our InBody 570 scale – we use him to accurately assess body composition and factor the results into our recommendations to better monitor your progress. That is, if you choose to participate in the complimentary scan.

We don’t force ANYONE to get on any scale if they don’t feel comfortable or will conduct the scan using the “blind weight” method so only WE know the results and can monitor them, you never have to know any numbers! In fact, if after doing your intake we feel getting you on a scale at all is not appropriate, we reserve the right to deny the scan until further notice 🙂

Why do we care about body composition but not necessarily weight? Think of your body as a house. You can have 2 houses side by side of the same exact square footage, but make them out of completely different materials, finishings, furniture, etc. Those two houses are going to look a lot different on the inside and outside. Plus, the quality of materials matters to ensure that everything functions well and doesn’t break down.

The same goes for your body – improving your body composition is WAY more important than changing your overall weight. Weight is literally just one number!

*Some added benefits to the scan are injury prevention, chronic disease risk assessment, fall risk, hydration status, and more*

ALL of our in-person patients who choose to and are able to get a scan safely are eligible to receive complimentary body scans. Our Inbody 570 model is also available to those who want to come use it at our office or you can schedule a group event and the InBody will come to YOU!

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