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We are currently in-network with the following insurance companies:

We also offer cash-pay discounts to other insurance payers.

We can accept HSA and FSA as well as provide a superbill for possible insurance reimbursement.

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One-on-One Consults

On-On-One Nutrition Counseling

If you have one of the insurances listed above, let us check your nutrition therapy benefits (or you can check yourself with the resource by Jon Brown, RD, LD posted here!). Many of our patients don’t even realize they have these benefits, which allow them to get nutrition counseling at little to NO out of pocket cost.

If you don’t have nutrition therapy benefits, don’t have insurance on our current list, or don’t have insurance period, NO worries! Call us about cash-pay discounts today – we believe Nutrition Care is a Patient RIGHT!

So, what’s it like to work with us?

Initial Consultation (60-75 minutes)

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Your dietitian will address your complete medical history, bloodwork, current lifestyle, relationship with food, and goals to develop a completely individualized and realistic nutrition care plan. Education is also provided on nutrition topics and labs as necessary.

Follow-Up Appointments (30-45 minutes)

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Your dietitian will monitor your progress toward your goals and modify the care plan as needed. These appointments increase accountability and build on your nutrition knowledge to create a sustainable plan for LIFE.

Accountability (24/7)

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As our client, you will have access to our virtual accountability group where we post nutrition tips, resources, and motivational messages. Also, you will have access to HIPAA-compliant messaging with your registered dietitian 5-7 days a week!

Group Nutrition Education Event

$50 per participant*

Host a completely customizable group event for you and your friends/family/workout buddies/co-workers/etc! Working together toward your goals is ALWAYS better.

Here is what an event usually looks like:

Group presentation + Q&A on a nutrition topic of your choice (~30 minutes)

Common Topics

  • Nutrition 101 (Carbs, Protein, Fat, Portion Sizes, Micronutrients)
  • Label Reading 101
  • Nutrition for Sport
  • Supplements – Yes or No?
  • Body Image/Disordered Eating/Eating Disorders
  • Nutrition Myth Busting
  • Nutrition for a Busy Schedule
  • OR – choose any nutrition-related topic, this is completely customizable!

We bring our Inbody 570 and everyone in the group will have the opportunity to see their body composition (see Inbody Page for more information)

Each group member is invited to talk with us for a brief (~5-10 minutes) one-on-one goal-setting discussion.

*Minimum group size for the Inbody to join is 8

Grocery shopping w / a dietitian


  • 2-hour personalized private shopping trip where you will learn the ins and outs of choosing foods and avoiding nutrition marketing myths to meet your long-term health/fitness goals
  • Learn what ACTUALLY matters on a nutrition label to make better choices
  • Choose the best foods to nourish and fuel your body

Accountability Group Membership


In-Body Scan



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