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Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition for you.

Nutrition is becoming widely known in the sports world as a key contributor to superior performance and extended longevity across all levels.

Benefits of working with a sports registered dietitian:

  • Decreased risk for injury
  • Enhanced performance
  • Expedited recovery after practice/competition
  • Appropriate growth and development
  • Improved immune function
  • Less time on the bench due to illness/injury
  • Decreased risk of eating disorders/disordered eating (much more common in young athletes than general population)

Development of lifelong healthy eating habits

Optimize Your Athletic Performance and Relationship with Food or Body Image through our Personalized Sports Nutrition Program

Start with a Comprehensive 60-Minute Session Tailored to Your Health, Fitness, and Personal Goals

One-On-One Nutrition Consultations for Athletes
Month-to-Month Basis

Initial appointment: 60-minute session to discuss health conditions, current diet/exercise routine, food allergies or avoidances, bloodwork, medications/supplements, areas of concern, and future health/fitness/nutrition/personal goals.

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Nutrition education will be provided – tailored to athlete’s individual needs and goals as determined by athlete and dietitian.

Short- and long-term goals will be established at this appointment and a plan will be developed on how to achieve these goals through nutrition.

Follow-up Appointments: 30-minute weekly sessions (in-person or virtual) to check in on progress toward goals, success/barriers

Additional nutrition education will be provided on topics of interest or necessity based on athlete’s progress toward goals or new goals that are established
Messaging: Throughout the entirety of the month, the athlete will have access to their dietitian via HIPPA-compliant system for any questions or concerns that come up between appointments

Team Nutrition Talks

Have Nutrition Aligned come do a nutrition presentation and Q&A with your team.

Topics vary by individual team needs and are age appropriate for athletes

General Nutrition for Sport

General overview of the importance of proper nutrition in sport, macronutrient, micronutrient, energy, and fluid needs for athletes, how to meet these needs to promote high-quality performance in sport, and timing of meals to optimize performance and decrease risk of GI distress during practice/competition.

Meal Planning For Athletes

General Nutrition for Sport is a prerequisite for this class. This is a follow up topic that will walk your athletes all together through specifics of determining estimated energy, carbohydrate, protein, and hydration needs and examples of how to plan their meals and snacks for off days, practice days, competition days, and tournaments.


Most athletes do not need supplements to perform well in sports – many supplements contain illegal or dangerous substances that could impair an athlete’s ability to perform, cause serious health consequences, disqualify them from competition, and more. Learn about the risks of supplements and what to look for if one becomes absolutely necessary.

Relationship with Food

Athletes are among some of the highest risk for developing a poor relationship with food, disordered eating, and full-blown eating disorders for life. Learn about the necessity of food for fuel, risks of under-fueling (RED-S), and how to avoid disordered eating at all stages of sport.


Tips and tricks for meal and snack planning for those out-of-town competitions & importance of getting quality nutrition on the road.


Detailed look at all things snacks for off days, practice, and competition, what to bring on road trips/plane rides, snacks to have before, during, and after competition, the importance of including quality snacks.


In depth look at the importance of hydration for daily life (days off), practice, and competition days, electrolytes, consequences of improper hydration, benefits of properly hydrating, and how to stay hydrated with the correct drinks before, during, and after practice/competition.

Nutrition for Coaches and Parents 101

Coaches and parents only – Athletes of any sport, gender, and age are at a significantly increased risk for undernutrition and eating disorders. Learn how to prevent or spot nutrition-related issues your athletes might encounter, how to talk to your athletes about these tough subjects, and next steps to take if you have identified a nutrition-related issue. Any other topic idea you have, we are more than happy to discuss.

Out-Of-Town Nutrition/Meal Planning

Session with a registered dietitian to go over specific meal plan for fueling athletes for an out-of-town tournament

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We will work with you to tailor an individualized plan for an out-of-town tournament to ensure your athletes get the proper nutrition to perform optimally, even on the road.

We will provide day-to-day, meal-to-meal plans with snacks & timing (if we have times for practice sessions/games prior)

Food allergies and preferences will be taken into account and managed within the plan.

Schedule will be provided prior to trip for coaches/athletes – modifications will be provided based on feedback from initial plan